Monday, May 5, 2008

Chicago Style Polish-American Polka

Charles Keil further subdivided Polish-American Polka into Chicago Style and Eastern Style.

Chicago-style polka music is closely related to the rock-and-roll era of the ’50s. It's sometimes referred to as the “push” style because of the intense “bellows-shaking” of the accordion.

Chicago-style polka band typically includes a trumpet or two, an (always present) accordion, a concertina, drums, a bass, and sometimes a clarinet or a fiddle.

Video below: Eddie Blazonczyk Jr And The Versatones - White Table

Video below: Lenny Gomulka & Chicago Push - Willie's Wedding Polka

Video below: Marion Lush (the "Golden Voice") and TWE - Sing'n My Heart Out, Go'n Downtown Polka

Video below: Crusade - Naked Polka

Video below: Polka Family Band - Pennsylvania Hills Polka

Video below: Dynatones - Rosalinda Polka


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